Welcome to My Dynamic Dog

Where we help you and your dog understand each other!

Are you tired of your dog only listening when you show them their favorite teats? Or pulling you down the street in every direction? Does your dog jump on you every time you walk through the door and you just can’t figure out how to make them stop? Do you ever look at other people and question how they got their dog to behave so well? Guess what, it’s possible for you too! Would you like to learn how? Send us a message now and we’ll get you started!

Kratos who started off lunging at other people and dogs, rocking his sit command and ignoring me and Kanga walking around him

Here at My Dynamic Dog, we believe a dog that wants to do what you ask, is far more reliable than a dog who is being forced to listen. All of our training programs help you to better understand your dog and their behavior as well as teaching them basic obedience that you can count on in real world scenarios. And we do this by teaching you the language of your dog so that you can communicate what you want from them in a way they can understand so that you can get results that last!

At My Dynamic Dog, we understand how important it is to have a dog that is obedient and reliable in all situations. We also know that many dogs simply don’t understand what their owners want of them, and how could they? They don’t speak our language. And many owners don’t know how to get the dog to fully understand what they want because they don’t fully understand the language of the dog. And that’s why My Dynamic Dog was created! To allow people to have their dogs trained and get help understanding their dog at the same time. My Dynamic Dog is more than a dog training business. It’s a place where dogs can learn in a happy, healthy environment, and owners can enjoy their dogs the way they always wanted. At My Dynamic Dog, we take good dogs and make them DYNAMIC!

Serving the Michigan area, with My Dynamic Dog, you get more than a mere training session with someone who does all the work and still leaves you unsure of how to manage your dog. Instead you get a trainer that works with you side by side and helps you understand dog communication, and how to train them on your own! With My Dynamic Dog, not only do you end up with a well behaved dog, but you also end up with a lifelong partner who will always be there for you and your dog!